Marvel Entertainment Joins the Podcast Playground, More 2018 Podcast Predictions

As more on-the-go consumers are shifting to mobile and away from their desktops, podcasts are only continuing to grow in popularity.

Not to mention, voice-activated devices like the Amazon Alexa will only add fuel to fire to when it comes to the audio-on-demand world. These devices make it easier to listen to this type of content.

With that being said, more content creators are investing in this audio space. 

Marvel Entertainment released a fiction series "Wolverine: The Long Night" earlier this year.

Podcasts like Marvel's Wolverine offer fans additional entertainment that compliments other similar content like a popular film or TV show.

"Disney subsidiary Marvel will lead the charge in early 2018, bringing Wolverine to podcasts with "The Long Night." Expect to see more blockbuster franchises diving into the podcast pool with a wave of scripted fiction," writes "Adage."For Hollywood, the medium provides the perfect storytelling platform to build hype in the lead-up to a film's release. Equally, it allows documentary film and TV shows to release long-form interviews from footage that hit the cutting room floor due to time restrictions. We'll also see subplot storylines told via podcasts, syncing up with weekly TV drama releases."

So what else is to come in 2018?

As the podcast space becomes more saturated, it needs to be easy for users to find the content that they are looking for.

"Apple will build the scaffolding that makes it even simpler for listeners to source their podcast-of-choice. Apple recently acquired Pop Up Archive, providing access to the podcast search engine, which helps listeners navigate the ocean of content," writes "Adage. "With voice-to-text transcription becoming the norm, logical searches that surface not just entire series but individual episodes are within reach. Soon, users will be able to source podcast content based on their interests, mood or, more broadly, top trends in a specific niche."

But Apple isn't the only big player in the audio space. Spotify is aggressively curating podcasts also and has Google as an ally. 

"As Spotify's spotlight offers a high-profile listening platform for Android users, Google will engage to become a true cross-platform destination for podcasts. With both services gathering deep data, their recommendation algorithms will step up discovery and enhance the playlist culture.

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