What Quality Over Quantity Means When it Comes to Digital Marketing

The digital world is so fast moving that each brand is trying to stay ahead of the game to catch the attention of the ever so restless consumer. This often means a consumer see thousands of ads a day. 

While having these touchpoints should be part of your marketing strategy, a smart marketer realizes that quality trumps quantity. 

Consumers only remember a few of these ads a day. With that in mind, content marketing like podcasts and videos are key in this ad-saturated world. But it should be compelling, tells a story that connects with your customers, while also entertaining and educating them about your brand, product, or service. 

"Forbes" has outlined some other tips to keep in mind when creating content marketing. 

Don't overload your customer with too much content

"Don’t annoy your audience with too much content. Be the brand that offers a laugh or meets a need by gracefully slipping into the fold, communicating to the consumer, “We’re here, and look at this cool thing you didn’t know.” Don’t content bomb. Don’t speak at or down to your consumer. Create a conversation," writes "Forbes."

Plan accordingly and be consistent

Just because you don't want to overload your customer, doesn't mean you shouldn't be consistently sharing your content. However, there's a fine line between being consistent and bombarding your customer with content. This takes planning. It's important to keep track of these touch points.

"Create a content calendar that outlines what content gets posted when, and your engagement levels will be easier to track," writes "Forbes." "Your content calendar allows you to plan out sources in advance and get more creative with specific strategies and content — enabling you to engage with more niche consumers. You also ensure you won’t miss messages when consumers do engage."

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