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Will Apple Roll out a TV Service by 2019?

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Similar to Roku, which is launching its own streaming service this year, Apple is looking into developing their own TV programming.

The tech giant already has the Apple TV, a platform where users can stream programs onto their televisions. But it appears as though Apple has plans to create their own content.

The technology company has signed deals with big players in the industry including Steven Spielberg and M. Night Shyamalan, along with two renowned TV executives. Apple reportedly already has a $1 billion budget set aside to create original content like TV series and movies.

But the content has to be released somewhere to be seen. Previously, Apple released video series on its music subscription service but they did not perform well.

Will Apple give the content away for "free" or charge like Netflix or Hulu?

"Rich Greenfield, an analyst for BTIG, believes Apple will give its $1 billion in programming away for free," writes "CNET.""If you own an Apple device, Greenfield anticipates Apple will provide free access to all these productions in the TV app on iOS or Apple TV. "Think of Apple's strategy along the lines of [Amazon's] Prime Video," he said in a September note."

Greenfield thinks that Apple will get viewers hooked with its original programming and then collect a cut from other paid services like Starz or HBO.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook has alluded to launching the service and has ramped up his talk about TV lately, causing Greenfield to believe that Apple will launch it in mid-2019.

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