Fox News Streaming Service

Fox to Roll Out New OTT Streaming Service

on demand streaming

Add Fox News to the many networks jumping on the streaming content bandwagon. On November 27, Fox Nation will debut its brand new on-demand service.

For $5.99 a month, which is $65 a year, subscribers will be able to view more daily short-form programming from Fox News.

“Our short-form daily programming will showcase powerful commentary from our signature roster of talent. Each program will provide distinctive viewpoints, whether it be focused on news of the day or topical, in-depth discussions, and we are looking forward to debuting this new platform to the most loyal fans in television,” said John Finley, Fox News Senior Vice President.

Some of the programs will feature some Fox news' favorites like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Brit Hume.

As traditional TV channels continue to lose viewers as more consumer consume their news on mobile phones and other devices, Fox News is offering their viewers another convenient way to stay up to date on the network's coverage.

"In an on-demand era of viewers watching content wherever and whenever they want, Fox Nation will complement and enhance our powerhouse Fox News programming for the loyal superfans who want to remain connected to our signature platforms," said Finley.

But the question is will Fox News' demographic be interested in content delivered this way?

The median age of the Fox News audience is roughly 65. This service will likely appeal to younger demographics, which may be Fox News' intention.

Fox News isn’t the only company investing in an on-demand streaming service. Apple is expected to soon launch its own streaming service and Roku launched a free service available for streaming on its platform a few moths ago.

Fox News also recently tried to increase its stake of the European pay-TV company Sky PLC but was beaten out by Comcast.

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