Hulu Now Has 25 Million Subscribers and an Aggressive Strategy to Get More

Hulu Now Has 25 Million Subscribers and an Aggressive Strategy to Get More

The streaming service Hulu has just hit the 25 million subscribers mark.

This is 50 percent more than its number of subscribers compared to last year, so how has the company managed to basically double its memberships? With more content.

The race to capture eyeballs is on.

Hulu, along with its competitor Netflix, has been rapidly collecting premium content to attract more viewers.

Hulu has exclusive content like ER, Bob's Burgers, and 30 Rock, all not available anywhere else. 97 percent of content streamed by subscribers have licensed deals, meaning it's not available on any other streaming platform.

Even though Hulu has popular programs like the original series The Handmaid's Tale, licensed programs still get 89 percent more viewing, according to the research firm 7Park Data.

25 million is quite the milestone but is still less than half of Netflix's 58 million subscribers.

Netflix is available internationally too and has an additional 70-plus million in these markets.

Disney, which is rolling out its own streaming service Disney+, poses a threat to streaming services.

33 Million Consumers are Cutting the Cable Cord This Year

33 Million Consumers are Cutting the Cable Cord This Year

As more streaming services like Netflix and Hulu continue to accumulate millions of subscribers, the more cable companies are losing more customers. 

According to a recent forecast by eMarketer, the number of consumers cutting the chord is only going to increase this year. 

Individuals canceling pay-TV service will spike by 32.8 percent to 33 million people this year. Previously, it was predicted that only 22 percent of households (27.1 million) would cut the chord this year. 

“Most of the major traditional TV providers (Charter, Comcast, Dish, etc.) now have some way to integrate with Netflix,” said Christopher Bendtsen, eMarketer senior forecasting analyst to "Forbes." “These partnerships are still in the early stages, so we don’t foresee them having a significant impact reducing churn this year. With more pay TV and OTT partnerships expected in the future, combined with other strategies, providers could eventually slow, but not stop, the losses.”

In 2018, only 186.7 million U.S. adults will watch payTV in 2018, which is a decrease of 3.8 percent from last year. 

As streaming services like Amazon Prime Video offer more original content, the more attractive they are to consumers. Why would they invest in cable when they are already investing in multiple platforms with original content not available anywhere else? 

HULU Growth is breaking video on demand records

Hulu has announced that its subscriber base surpassed 17 million customers in 2017.

The streaming company last revealed its subscriber numbers in May 2016, when it reported a following of 12 million paying customers. That’s up 40% over the last year and a half.

Additionally, the company announced that its total audience grew to 54 million total unique viewers, up from 47 million in May 2017.

Its increased rate of growth can be attributed to Hulu’s growing catalogue of licensed and award-winning original content.

In 2017, the streaming service expanded its content library to over 75,000 episodes of television across 1700 titles – more than twice the number of episodes available on any of the other leading streaming services, according to Hulu Internal Data and Ampere Analysis.