Rever Media Labs

Data science has broken through to the media and content business. Here at Rever Networks, we've built an index that is so powerful that it allows for trends and insights to be identified, as well as audience sentiment and interest that can guide the direction of your content. The days are gone of creating content and not knowing if it will connect with your audience and if it will inspire engagement. Rever Media Labs has the largest and most comprehensive index of consumers and brands globally that analyzes interests, sentiment, platform behaviors, and competitive aspects that can connect your content with the perfect audience.


Audience Module

Finding and curating the perfect audience can take years or even decades in some cases. The Audience Module identifies your target audience based on keyword analysis tools and then overlays interest, competitive aspects, and platform behavior to create the perfect match. We then deliver an actionable strategy that can target this audience vs. wasting your content and strategy on an audience that is mis-matched. 


Insight Module

Everyone has asked the question: "what kind of content should we create?" Do we think we know what our audience wants? The reality with most businesses and content makers is that they don't really know. Often, they only have fragments of demand from a few people that direct them to spend massive amounts of money on content that may or may not appeal to the real audience. That's where our Insight Module comes in! We analyze key terms that are related to interests by your targeted audience and then deliver demographic data that can result in a winning content strategy for your project.