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Creating a red carpet style event that is part entertainment and part education is the purpose of most association events, but few are able to pull it off. IFMA partnered with us to deliver a story that served one purpose– to standout in a crowd of 75+ food-related associations that would put them in a thought leadership position that would tell the stories and create a connection to some of the most iconic foodservice professionals in the world.

Oracle is a global leader in retail technology and their story is one that takes on over 200 competitors in the retail technology space. They needed to separate their product from the pack and tell their story of industry knowledge, technology advancements, and vision. We delivered a piece that was picked up on national news and engaged by thousands across various digital distribution points. Their industry customer sentiment has also increased 35% in the past year.

PARTISANS is a creative firm that tells stories through design. In this video, the story of client engagement, creative, and passion was not only told but resulted in digital performance. Understanding the visual storytelling aspect is critical and being able to show and tell a masterpiece like what they created at Bar Raval in Toronto was key to their success.

When you think your story is just like everyone else's, you're wrong! There are over 300 artisan spirit specialty product companies in the U.S. alone. Dugan & Dame have a secret weapon as the dynamic duo, a husband and wife team disrupting the industry. With their holistic, restaurant, and bar designing expertise, this duo brought a story to the game that none of the other 300 companies they compete against can offer.