Building Your Media Products & Platforms to Reach the Next Generation Audience With Next-Generation Content. 


Video & Film Networks

Next generation media is the convergence of online video with film and on-demand content designed to reach targeted audiences


PODCAST Networks

Podcast networks that are engaging and educational that focus on your mission as a brand



Web, social and on-demand distribution is the key element to reaching the next generation in audience

 Storytelling the Power to Reach Your Community


Today's business, employees and consumer audience are seeking deeper stories that provide more awareness and easy to digest product and brand information. Video, Podcasts, and Research can deliver product attributes, training, and brand awareness better than any medium today. 

With cord cutting and the demise of traditional media, video & podcasts have emerged as the new vehicle to tell your story, train your team or sell your products. We deliver a host of services to bring your story and your platform to an audience that is seeking content in entirely new ways.



Studio Services

  • Video & film production

  • On-location production

  • State-of-the-art studio

  • Editing bays

  • Conference & meeting rooms

  • Motion graphics

  • Sound studio

  • Green screen & cyc wall

  • Live streaming platform services

  • Remote interview platform

  • News anchor set

  • Youtube video sets

  • Commercial kitchen set

  • Commercial bar set


Video Platform Services

  • On-demand platform development

  • Training and production awareness platform

  • E-commerce integration

  • Social media management

  • Design & art creative

  • Distribution partnerships

  • Mobile apps (iOS, Android)

  • Set top apps (Apple TV, ROKU)

  • Optional distribution (Amazon, Apple, Netflix)

Every Business Has a Story


Apple alone garners 1 billion podcast subscriptions across 250,000 unique podcasts in over 100 languages. Podcasts are the next generation radio networks for the modern consumer, employee, and professionals. Podcasts create an intimate connection between the content and the audience, with typical engagement over 50%, which is one of the highest engagement vehicles available today. Podcasts usage has increased over 670% since 2015 and is set to become the most used new media by 2020.


Podcast & Sound Services

Designed for remote and on-location podcast production, sound engineering & distribution

  • Remote interview platform - a professional cloud studio

  • In-studio podcast set

  • Live streaming audio

  • Video podcast production

  • Podcast hosting & RSS creation

  • Podcast distribution & metadata development (Apple, Spotify, Tune-in, iHeart)

  • Show art & design

  • Podcast pre and post-production - dedicated producers

  • Sound engineers

  • Dedicated Sound Room

  • Voice Overs

  • Audio creative design

  • Foley Sound Services


Extend your reach

Access and targeting of your current audience as well as reaching new audience for your content across the globe.


Reaching Your Target Audience


We develop complete media platforms from ground zero to thousands of content elements and millions in targeted audience. Our focus is more than just a production and content platform, we deliver a new media targeting technology that is designed to match your content with a specific audience. Pair this with an advance content UX and you have an energized recipe for success.

With hundreds of millions of conversations and data collected into our technology index every day, we are able to perform sophisticated analytics to surface trends that can be the basis of your content or your audience and then, drive performance. The power of more than 20 integrated data and social media partners means we deliver deep insights to close the loop on your content by delivering demographic, interest, and geographic audience insights.


Reaching the next generation audience

Social & Geo Targeting
Interest & Keyword Targeting
Audience Matching (yours to various platforms)
Metrics on consumption
Social Network Delivery
On Demand Networks

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